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13 November 2012

Ideas to save you money
Before you decorate or have other work done
As a tradesman we are trained to think of the past, present and the future, so we get things done right first time, in the right order, and we think about future possibilities for the building. A good tradesman will always enquire about other work you are having done, and give you advice on how you should arrange the work to be done in the correct order.
Its not always easy to install a new electrical installation or make additions or alterations, without some damage to decorations. We can install a plastic box over the cables called trunking, which is installed close to door frames and skirting, but some clients do not like it especially if its not put in correctly.
Below are a few suggestions you should think about or have done, before you have decorating or building work done within your property. Even if there is only a little bit of damage to your decorations, it will still require touching up after however careful any tradesmen are. Its far better to think about these things now to save you time and money, than to spend more money out after when you did not need to.
Have you had your electrical installation tested in the last 10 years
New electrical regulations have come in now 2008 your system is probably out of date
Consult with an electrician to get advice on your electrical system
Do you have any electrical faults that need repairs or replacing
Will you need any additional electrical work done now or at a later date
Do you need any alterations done to existing electrical system
What other work are you having done that might affect other situations
bulletCheck with your insurance Company about your properties insurance cover regulations

Our recommendations on solid flooring

Many people these days have solid or tiled floors put in their upstairs rooms especially bathrooms, we recommend you do not, due to possible problems at a later date. Having solid floors upstairs can cause real problems for tradesmen, who you want to work on your property. Rewiring, additions or alterations to the electrical installation and plumbing, are installed within flooring and ceilings, if these are not accessible the work will be very costly to complete.

When the upstairs flooring is covered in solid floors, the only way to get at these services then would be, from the ceiling below. That would then be very costly and messy, and all for a job that might only take five minutes to complete. Whenever you think about putting new floors down, always make sure it possible to be taken up easily, or access is available to install plumbing & electrics at a later date.

Our recommendations on tiling

When tiling is being done within a property and there will be electrical accessories, try and make the accessories fit where the least cutting is to be done. It will look neater and will save you buying more tiles. If for instance you want to put a double socket in, place it central to four tiles, then its easier to cut the tiles. When you have decided what size tile you are using, mark out where each tile will be, then cut the electrical box in where the tile will have the least cuts.


Your Safety is at risk if you do not have your property tested and inspected at regular intervals more details on request.